Art Based Education – Bridging the Gap Between People and Their Worlds

Art based education plays a unique and necessary role in fulfilling the fundamental human needs. If the needs are not met, then it could lead to major loss at the societal level. According to Erich Fromm, who is a social psychologist, while commenting on the implication of art based education, stated that man is continuously striving to grasp the world by his senses, his eyes, his ears and all his body. If man expresses his understanding of the world by his senses, he creates art and ritual, he creates song, dance, drama, painting, sculpture and other art forms.Therefore collective art is an integral part of human life and nature. It corresponds to a basic human need, and if this need is not fulfilled; then man remains as insecure and anxious as if the need for a meaningful thought picture of the world is unrealized. Thereby, no sane society can be built, based on the mixture of purely intellectual knowledge and almost complete absence of shared artistic experience. Thus, according to psychological research there is evidence of the critical significance of art based education and it’s potentiality to bridge the gap between people and their worlds.The art based education also plays an important role as the center of biological and social individual process in the society It is also the method for finding a state of balance between man and his world, in the most important and strategic stages of life. Art based education contains the essence of humanity and it is the social technique of emotion. It is a tool for the society, which brings the most intimate and personal aspects of man into the social life and art is the social within humans and what better way to bring it out than with art based education.Art also has its significance in the field of anthropology as it is known to bring out the essential techniques required for human survival and it also has significant role in sustaining tradition and inspiring adaptation to change. Therefore art based education is powerful, and it is used as a form of personal and cultural expression since the beginning of recorded history. According to the experts, art has evolved over a period of time civilizing, romantic and transformative. Art education is an important factor in socializing appropriate norms and qualities aimed at advancing human welfare. Art education is also used for enhancing interaction between individuals in the modern world.

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